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Diesel bug biocide treatment 1500 litres

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Diesel bug biocide treatment 1500 litres - kills organic and fungal growth in diesel.

This item is for 250ml of biocide which will kill diesel bug or any micro organism in your fuel tank. This bottle will treat up to 1500 litres of fuel. The biocide can last up to 6 months in the tank before requiring a re-dose.

There are many industry terms for this problem some of which include Diesel bug, diesel virus, fuel bug.

Officially referred to as micro organic matter & fungal growth. The living organism presents itself as a dark/black sludge which can be a little snotty in its consistancy. The bug is sticky and has the ability to cause a fuel starvation if enough of it wraps around a filter.

Modern Diesel has a problem

With the introduction of bio diesel things are not as straight forward as they used to be. In the old days water in diesel would over time fall to the bottom of the tank out of harms way. However this year the government have introduced a 7% bio diesel mix into ALL diesel. Unlike 100% diesel, bio diesel holds onto to water droplets and hence keeps them in suspension throughout the tank. Obviously large particles of water will become to heavy for suspension and fall to the bottom. But the smaller ones remain in suspension.

So what is the big deal?

Ok, we have explained that bio diesel holds onto water. Tiny dormant organic spores can often be found everywhere waiting for the right environment to hatch. Water is the type of place that they hatch in but like any living organism they require food. And guess what? These guys feed on diesel and hence they just love to settle down right inside your diesel tank. Just imagine having 1000 litres of beer in your house all the time!

Once they have established in the tank they propagate to form a large black snot like shape. They are very sticky and easily block filters and reduce the ID of a fuel line. This type of contamination is often referred to as Diesel Bug, Diesel Virus or Diesel Fungus.

If there was ever a time where fuel cleaning was necessary it is NOW.

See our product for filtering diesel fuel at high speeds.

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